Photo by Gaëlle Leroyer

Photo by Gaëlle Leroyer


At first glance, Yola might appear shy and reserved – but a closer look will quickly reveal someone who is nothing short of a total explosion of color. Her calm demeanour belies the vast universe of imagination within her; Yola’s world is one in which possibilities know no boundary. 

A multidisciplinary artist, her varied roles as a costume designer and as a director have informed Yola’s greater artistic vision, all while complementing her many years’ work as an art director, her primary vocation and the aspect of her work to which she remains most dedicated. Montreal-based, she is a member of the Directors Guild of Canada & a member of the woldwide Production Designers Collective.

Yola’s long list of commercial clients includes Instagram, Lancôme, Nivea, Lise Watier, Aubainerie, Fido, OGX, LAX, SAQ, WIXX, Air France, and Rona. Her film and TV work includes Antigone, The Lodge, Small Crimes, Before the Streets, JFK The Smoking Gun, Turbo Kid, Discopath, Nuit #1, Blue Moon, Henri Henri, and Fluffy Marky, to name but a few.  


There’s a saying that an image is worth a thousand words; well, “Yola” is a word worth a thousand images.


- Bio written by: Sabrina Jasmine Guilbault & Tim Fletcher